Panicked? No need to be!

Be in better spirits today! In Chinese medicine the heart is considered the master of spirits; the place where our spirit lives! It is from here it reigns, over our mental conditions, consciousness and thought.  When the heart is not at ease, there is disorder in our spirit, which physically manifests as insomnia, anxiety, forgetfulness,confusion, incoherent thoughts,etc.

Our heart ensures that energy is circulated smoothly, and also that our blood is circulated smoothly. When this energy is blocked, so is our circulation. During the summer, our circulation can be challenged.  Due to heat outside and our bodies internal heat, our blood can literally boil, dispersing our energy in anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, etc,

Here are two brilliant herbs that can be helpful:

Hawthorn Berries (Cartaegus spp.) – My premier circulatory tonic! It beautiful for the heart, calming your spirit, lending compassion to your growing process, ensuring the heart’s strength and resiliency , while promoting love, trust and forgiveness. It is a cardiac tonic that and protects the heart and improves circulation.

Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) – Lion hearted!  Motherwort develops the strength of the heart! It mothers you in all stages of life and assists those who tend to “over mother” and gives the courage to let go! It improves circulation and prevents blood clots, and calms anxiety and stress.

Both of these herbs are available at our Apothecary.  Take a look at our Pinterest  Chill Out board  for some of my favorite herbal items for keeping cool in the summer.  Keep up with us on  our Facebook or Twitter pages for more on our products and services.




Karen Rose