Great Skin is Always In!

Great skin is always in and herbs can get you there!

The health of the skin begins on the inside! What we eat, drink OR what we don’t eat and drink is revealed on our skin. Radiant skin is a benefit of eating a nutritionally balanced diet, and being mindful of our fluid intake which is needed to feed the organs that support our skin. Our skin is more than just a covering, its tone and elasticity can show the state of our health or where we are in our lives. For example, perfect baby skin gives way to puberty skin, showing evidence of the hormonal fluctuations of a menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause; then it gradually becomes thinner, drier, and less supple as cell functions slow with age.

Herbs can help us through all the life cycles of your skin! Here are my favorite herbs for skin health:
Chamomile – Matricaria reuctita – Soothing and relaxing, it has anti-inflammatory properties when applied on the skin. Its great for soothing redness and irritation.
Calendula – Calendula officinalis – This bright yellow flower is brilliant for bringing the light to your skin. It is a great lymphatic cleanser and has supreme anti-inflammatory properties.
Lavender -Lavendula officinalis – Relaxing, great for cleansing skin, and it reduces surface oil so it great for acne.
Vitex – Angus catus – This herb is extra special for balancing hormones and therefore eases skin breakout due to hormonal fluctuations.
Oatstraw – Avena sativa – Brilliant for nourishing internally and externally. It lubricates the insides and you can see it on the outside. Great for dry skin.
Nettles – Urtica diocia – Supremely nourishing! Nettles increases the health of the capillaries to ensure a rich blood supply to our skin.
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Karen Rose