Don’t Fall so Easily!

Over the last two weeks, several individuals I care about have all fallen.  They all have very different reasons, such as not being present, being distracted, being tired, etc. These experiences got me thinking about our mental thoughts and how they are so connected to our balance.  In Chinese medicine the kidneys and the brain are the organs that balance the body.  The kidneys provide us with a sense of having deep roots and therefore slowing us down and making us conscious with each step.  The kidneys are also important to our bones and the richness of the bone marrow, which feeds the brain with a rich blood supply, as it seeks to create balance for the entire body.

I have found herbs that nourish the kidneys to be excellent in providing us with clear thoughts, a rich blood supply to feed our bones and organs, increase our energy stores, all to move us forward with security, care and harmony.   Here are two herbs I absolutely love for enriching the blood and supporting the vital  energy of the body:

 Nettle Leaf (Urtica diocia)- This herb is a multivitamin on its own.  It’s a supreme tonic for the entire body, especially so for all things blood related.  It nourishes our kidneys and builds the blood.  It’s perfect for anemia. Nettles is also extraordinarily beneficial for women in all stages of womb health.  It can be extremely useful for blood loss due to fibroidand endometriosis, menopausal flooding or just heavy periods.  I highly recommended it to pregnant women as an every day tonic due to its high iron content.  


Foti Root ( Polygonum multiflorum) Also know as Ho Shou Wu- An age old Chinese tonic for building the blood and nourishing the kidneys.   It is said to nourish the heart and calm the spirit.  This herb is often referred to as “the elixir of immortality”, a great indication of its life giving properties.  The Chinese believe that this herb can restore youth and sexual potency (a natural result of strengthening the kidneys), and bring back color to graying hair.   

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Karen Rose