Here’s why you may have felt differently over the past few weeks…

We have just entered the onset of a beautiful Fall season! As the earth harmonizes it cycle between light and dark our bodies respond likewise, it seeks balance. The fall winds usher in seasonal changes and our bodies can respond to the changes by feeling un-grounded, light and air like. This can be felt most especially in our mind and digestive system, both harmonizing systems between light and dark . Air and wind in the digestive system leaves us feeling bloated, gassy, unable to digest food and changes. In our mind it gives rise to anxious thought patterns and a lack of focus.

To work with these seasonal changes and soften the affects on the body try warm, spice filled, fermented foods, such as kimchi, miso, and sauerkraut. And as always herbs are fabulous in bringing balance to the body!

Here are my top five products for this season of changes:

Digestive tonic – An absolute must for all digestive issues
Earth, Wind and Fire – A warming harmonizing blend for the Fall Equinox
Digestive tea – Our go to tea for gas and bloating
Anti-Anxietea – Easy your mind!
Immunity Chai – A great warming and protecting blend for a windy Fall.

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Karen Rose