Are you holding Loss, Grief and Heartache in your Body?

Most, if not all of us have experienced loss in our lives. In these times, do we find our self loosing our breath and feeling tightness in the chest in response? Often this occurs when we haven’t given ourselves the permission or time to grieve, that grief then gets stored in our body. The introspectiveness of the Fall and Winter season might give rise to those feeling all over again and we may feel our body react in response.

The indigenous believed that unexpressed grief gets stored away in our lungs and interrupts our breath. The release of loss, disappointment and heartache therefore benefits the health of our respiratory system. Letting go, exhaling is not just physiological jargon, but in actuality is very real in the functioning of our out-breath. Our voice is also considered to be our out-breath, when the voice is weak or restricted the lungs are also weak. If your voice is strong, its a great indication that your lungs are healthy. Given expression the energy that was stanated by grief can now be released and that action restores health to the respiratory system.

Bear in mind too that the cold and wind of this season can also aggravate any energy congestion in the lungs and cause you to loose your voice or expression.

Here are my top products for lung health:

Breath Easy Tea – A great blend for asthmatic concerns.
Restorative Lung Tonic – Restoring health to the lungs.
Hydrating Sinus Mist – Soothe your sinuses naturally.
Bronchial Congestion Syrup – Release lung congestion.
Lung and Allergy Tonic – Nourish the lungs naturally.

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Karen Rose