Get your Libido back!

Where has my libido gone? What is libido any how? Libido is often defined as an energy that emanates from the human psyche or the mind. Yes! Not from our sexual organs!  It is also said to be desire, therefore, we can say that libido is a psychic energy that leads to desire.  An instinctive knowing energy that makes you desire. It is not a stretch, to also then say that same energy can make you be desired!

I want to introduce you to a plant that vibrates on the same frequency as your instinctively knowing psyche– Shatavari!  It is my Goddess tonic, rejuvenating and restoring the inner Goddess or knowing.  It nourishes the pineal gland,  the heart, the liver, the kidneys, the nervous system and is especially nourishing to the female reproductive system. This herb’s a brilliant fertility enhancer, and is proven to nourishes the ovum. It protects and enriches all bodily fluids, nourishes mucous membranes preventing dryness. It’s also great for those who are in menopause, or those who have had a hysterectomy, serving as a harmonizer and balances the hormones.

Emotionally, Shatavari calms and nourishes the spirit, it aligns knowing with desire, it reclaims your mojo, making you feel alive and whole! A woman’s best friend!

This brilliant herb is available for purchase in our Apothecary.

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Karen Rose