Saturday's Lunar Eclipse! Stay Meditative!!

OK people; make no mistake we are getting ready for a doozy here!On Saturday we will be in the midst of a Full Moon in a cardinal sign Capricorn and a Lunar Eclipse! This can only mean that whatever is felt will be felt in a big way!Powerful strong willed emotions and intense feeling will be the rule of the days leading up to and on the eclipse.All is not lost however; use this enormous release of energy indicated by the upcoming eclipses to set our path makes and the plans to embark on upon an entirely new and more positive life-path. Let’s make it a point to slow down, stay focused and meditative!

Please come and sit with us in our Full Moon Meditation circle:

Where: ProspectPark

When: 8:30 pm (We'll meet at Ocean and Parkside Avenue) 

Please be on time and wear comfortable clothing!

We have total of 10 seats for this circle.

Please RSVP to

The fee for materials is $20.