Happy Midsummer's Eve! Take an Herbal Bath for Abundance

Happy Midsummer's Eve! We are in the midst of the Summer Solstice and the energy of the sun is heightened to aid us in bringing abundance and prosperity to our lives. Herbs of the sun enhance personal will so that you can find strength to manifest your divine purpose. They will help you overcome inferiority complexes and enhance the quality of generosity, ambition, courage, dignity and self reliance. They represent the divine creative principle and can counteract apathy and help you propel you out of an unproductive period! Wow!

The therapeutic value of the Sun is aligned with the healing properties of water; an herbal bath would be just the thing to draw all the above into our lives. Some of the herbs that can be used to harness the power of the sun are:

Calendula- Brings the power of the Sun like sparks of fire, it brings brightness to mind and heart. Opens the way for positive events, and strengthen the inner sight.

Chamomile- Has the power of the Sun it attracts money and luck, health and success.

Clover - Brings success in all your endeavors.

Elder - Has motherly energy that brings protection and blessings.

Fennel - Wards off unhappiness, banishes fears and purifies the spirit.

Use any or all of these herbs in your bath; align your thoughts and rest assured your vision will be clearer and abundance blessing will be yours!