Spring Tonic - Tone your organs this Spring


When I was a little girl I heard much talk about preparing and taking a Spring Tonic. This concoction was given to all the children and taken by of the adults. Many of that generation referred to a Spring Tonic as bitters. That generation knew the importance of balancing health by encouraging proper assimilation and elimination. 

Bitter is a taste that is hated by Westerners, but embraced my many indigenous cultures, it is the taste that is so necessary for health. Bitter tastes benefits the digestive system by stimulating bile flow. Bile is necessary for the break down of fats and serves as a natural laxative, therefore aiding to cleanse the colon.  Bitters can lower cholesterol, rebuild the liver and help to extract calcium from foods.  It eliminates congestion by stimulating blood and lymph all while supporting the kidneys.

Sacred's Spring tonic utilizes the seasons herbs to tone all internal organs, the liver, the spleen, the stomach and pancreas, your kidneys, your skin and your nervous, glandular, digestive, urinary, circulatory, immune and lymphatic systems.