Breath - 30 Days of Conversations and Realizations

This past month's theme of Breath for Sacred was of total relevance to me. I have a son who provide much inspiration for each post. As I have sought to bring you some connections in thought, origin and treatment in respiratory illness; I hope this was also relevant to your situation. Throughout the days of March, I have learned a lot not just from my research, but from my intelligent and accomplished customers, students/colleagues who have been generous to share their thoughts on their own struggles and realizations in context to breath.

I have learned acupuncture massage to strengthen my baby lungs and kidneys. I have spoken to customers about breathing and they have shared their stories about having to remember to do the simple, often taken for granted act of taking a breath. We have all realized that breath is the simplest indication of wellness in our bodies. We have also realized that by not using our full capacity to breathe we have become much smaller than our natural selves taking up less and less room in our occupation of life, thinking smaller thoughts, making smaller moves and breathing from a state of constant panic.

I am absolutely humbled by this past months activity and connections that all have me moving and breathing in a more conscious way, relishing in the in-breath, recognizing the pause in between the in and out breath, and letting go -releasing with the exhale...