>Milk Thistle - Day 21 to Wellness


Milk Thistle and my thoughts on the herb. Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) is a most important plant to the Apothecary, because it most important to many. This plant is the best know hepatic/liver protector and that says volumes. It has the ability to protect liver cells from damage from poisons and viruses. It has the ability to repair damage to the liver form toxic chemicals and medications. Milk thistle can be used as a tonic herb, over time. It is can be used for all liver issues, such as: cirrhosis, hepatitis, alcoholism, fatty liver. It is also has anti-viral and anti-cholesterol properties, it increases T-cells and interferon production. This most definitely an herb to keep in mind during your detox discussions. For more information on Milk Thistle speak with your local herbalist to learn more on its uses, the methods of preparation and dosage.