>Sweating it out - Day 22 to wellness

>Today is all about honoring how I feel. I have been nursing my baby, Shiloh through a cold and fever and here I am feeling like its about to hit me. When I teach about the treatment of colds and flus I often say that the 1st hour of feeling ill is the most important for treatment. Chinese healers have advised to use methods to make the body sweat, in a attempt to sweat out toxins during the first day of a cold. Western herbalist also advise using diaphoretic herbs to help the body release toxins and break fever. One such herb would be ginger, another peppermint, and so it was that peppermint was the feature herb in all the tea blends I have been drinking today. I have also been utilizing the Elderberry Elixir in the Apothecary every hour, packing a nice anti-viral punch. Tonight, I will be heating things up with a mustard seed, sea salt and ginger bath soak that we also offer at the Apothecary. Mustard baths help to loosen tight, sore muscles, help you sleep and and make you sweat.... This is serious stuff and I am not playing!