>Leave work behind with a relaxing ritual of your own - Day 12 to Wellness

> I had a great meet up tonight with my women's wellness group and promised I would share some ways to de-stress/detox from your work environment when you get home. Here is an article I wrote suggesting ways to create a de-stressing ritual. This is for all of us who are stressed out at work and need a way to unwind.

Creating the right atmosphere is essential in encouraging the body to relax. A scented room, a warm relaxing bath and a cup of serene herbal tea are the perfect way to take “time out” for yourself. Try to plan bath time close to your bedtime, this way, after you can slip into cool, crisp, scented (spritz with pillow spray) sheets and relax with a good book.

An evening ritual should begin by using one of our essential oil blends to bring on relaxation. Aromatherapy is the effect that scent plays on the senses. Essential oils stimulate receptors in the nose which relay messages to the brain to regulate emotions to bring about positive change. Sacred's room spray combines blends of essential oils that when spritzed will infuse your environment with mood uplifting plant extracts. Spray on pillow cases and bed linens for stress free nights.

Next enjoy an herbal bath, herbal baths are great ways to turn your bath tub into an exotic getaway. Relax, Release and Enjoy!

A simple refreshing herbal bath can be made from mint leaves, chamomile and rose petals, hops and lavender flowers. Sacred's bath soaks transform the bath into a mineral spa retreat with sea salt to detoxify pores and uses natural herbs to infuse the bath water with healing properties. A bath oil can also be used for its aromatherapy and skin hydrating properties. Try one of our infused herbal bath oils of jojoba and almond oils that are delicately scented with aromatic essential oils to delight the senses.

One of my favorite bath accessories is tea! Personal time takes on a whole new meaning with an herbal bath and tea. Having a hot cup of herbal tea prior to stepping in the tub or during a bath slightly increases your internal body temperature; this slight increase combined with the warmth of the bath helps intensify the relaxing effects of the bath and is also great for sore, tired muscles. A blend of lavender, chamomile, lime flowers and lemon balm is a great choice for a bath-time tea.

You don't have to do all of above, just try one or two of the suggestions and I promise you will feel soooo much better.