>More on French Green Clay - Day 10 to Wellness

>For the last two days we focused on the benefits of green clay in skin detox and beauty treatments. You can use green clay as a face and body mask to stimulate blood and lymph circulation while absorbing toxins and removing dead skin; leaving skin radiant.

How to use French Green Clay internally as a detoxifying agent?

French Green Clay can be taken nightly as part of your detox plan. Here are the simple instructions:

Mix a teaspoon of green clay in a 8 oz glass of pure water using a non-metal spoon. Allow to stand overnight.

Next morning before eating anything mix well with a wooden (not metal) spoon and drink the clay and the water.You can add some lemon juice or cider vinegar to improve the taste if you like. Wait about 30 minutes before eating anything. Of course it goes without saying that you should follow a healthy eating or detox plan while doing this.

If the morning does not work for you take it at night, this is what I do!

This is a simple cleanse that you can do for 21 days.