>Liver Detox and the Burn List - Journey to Wellness Day 1

>As the day goes on I debate colon or liver detox first. For now, I have decided to give some love first to the organ that work day and night my hard working liver. The liver along with our kidneys handles the filtering of toxins for everything we eat and drink so they can be excreted. Busy, busy, liver – Let see….Thanksgiving, New Years and Christmas?

Natural yet gentle ways to support liver detox including using herbs to stimulate and aid in the production of bile the substance that the liver uses to help breakdown toxins. Herbs such as Dandelion, Yellowdock and Oregon Grape Root can assist. To protect and restore the liver try an herb such as Milk Thistle.

I have decide to use this time of liver detox to do some 3rd Chakra work in finding ways to detox the body and honor my sacred truth; Issues such as trust, fear, self confidence and courage. (I have been putting this off forever!) I have begun thinking of all the events, memories, habits, people and thoughts that no longer serve me on my quest to wellness that should be on my burn list. This is the list that I recommend you list all of the above and literally burn in an effort to create a ceremony around release and opening us a path to a fresh, new 2010. A simple and effective ceremony to ring in the new year filled with inspiration would be to creating a meditative moment were we can reflect on the passing of the last year, lessons learned, lessons and experiences that we want to stay with us and ones we what to let go. The ones we are letting go of should be released with detachment, be easy on yourselves, no blame no guilt. We have time on our side, 364 days to change everything :)!