>Happy New Year and 365 Days of Wellness

>January is here and Sacred Vibes is ready to begin 2010 with great big wishes for our best health. We would like to start out the New Year by introducing you to this month’s theme Detox. Throughout the year, Sacred will feature a different theme each month to inspire you to be at your best health. Throughout each month we will be posting updates on our monthly theme via email and on our blog and Facebook fan page . If you are not keeping up with us yet please follow us on our blog at sacredvibes.blogspot.com.

January’s focus is on Detox. Detox can and should occur in both body and spirit. As one begins to clear so does the other. Personally I would recommend that the detox of the spirit occur first or at least simultaneously. Then detox of the body will naturally follow. Each week Sacred will offer you suggestions on doing both.

Why detox? Detoxing will help you get rid of things that no longer serve you. Waste. It involves release and release brings freedom, freedom from old thoughts, patterns, habits and an unhealthy body. Detoxing of the body can create a healthier immune system, an improved digestive system that eliminates properly, it can benefit auto immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, it can aid with allergies and eczema, and it can create beautiful hair, nails and skin. On a mental note detox can create clearer thinking and improved focus.

As you probably know by now I am an herbalist. I consider myself a young/new herbalist if you take into consideration that herbalism is a life long art. I have been walking this path formally since 2000 and am now a teacher of herbalism, own a community based herbal apothecary in Brooklyn, consult with clients on a variety of herb related topics and write articles on my area of expertise. I am confident that my recommendations can be beneficial to improve health and overall life. But in all honesty, I have not followed all the recommendations that I have asked my clients to try. However, in the next 365 days I will follow ALL my recommendations to you on attaining better health of mind and body. Realize that just as most of my clients and customers, I too have a very busy life, I am a mother of three and the proprietor of Sacred. So how do my recommendations fall into a busy lifestyle in New York City? Are they practical for 2010? After all many of our recommendations are traditions in healing that were developed thousand of years ago when the world was much different. Can these traditions still be applied to my/your current lifestyle? Follow me as I begin my journey of 365 days to Wellness