>Valentine's Day Teas


Valentine's Day is here and I wanted to share with you two of my tea blends together that truly make a difference when you are reaching out to a new love or keeping an old flame alive. My philosophy is that a healthy heart is one that is ready for love, as such, I am partnering my Love Tea with my Nourish Me Tea on this Valentine's day. Nourish Me tea is a rich blend of Burdock root ( keeps all things glowing, nail, hair and skin), Oatstraw (improves blood flow to all the right places to heighten sensations, and strengths the heart and calms the nervous system), Nettles(prevents debility and strengthens the kidneys) and Hibiscus, my new favorite herb, along with Ginger and Peppermint. This blend keeps your sexual, as well as other body systems functioning at its optimal state and gives you the health and energy to share your love. The other tea Love Tea is just that, a blend of herbs and spices to put you in the mood. Its base is a Chai tea using cardamon, cloves, cinnamon and adding such herbs as Damiana, Roses, and Spearmint. Use it often to bring you love. Herbs and spices are like love they are demonstrated to you over time. Find them on my etsy store at sacredvibes.etsy.com.