>Naturally Healthy Kids

Being a busy mother of three, I am constantly on the go. It was important to me to provide my children with a well rounded naturally healthy supplement that they could take daily to promote good health. I thought long and hard about this product, given my subject matter, children. The pressure was on, I would have to create a product that 1. taste good, if you ask my children this would be the primary goal, 2. easy to take, 3. can travel with them if necessary and 4. works well, this was my primary goal. With this in mind I started with the herbs that I currently use in my daily health, like Red Clover. Oatstraw and Siberian Ginseng (all of which are safe to use with children), then I added known "children" herbs like Thyme, Catnip. Rosehips for its high Vitamin C content, Licorice for its overall movement and tonic properties and last but not least my herb of the moment Spirulina - Brain Food.

When asked by Mom how they liked it. Zion felt it tasted great, and Lauren liked that she had not been sick since taking it. Baby, he takes it well, which would only mean that he doesn't recognized it to be medicine.

So here's to Naturally Healthy Kids, everywhere. This product is in my Etsy store sacredvibes.etsy.com.