The Art and Practice of Spiritual Herbalism

A Six Month Apprenticeship with Herbalist, Karen Rose

The Art and Practice of Spiritual Herbalism program offers you a deeper way of thinking, encouraging radical theories of self-healing and ultimately community healing to take shape in your mind, resulting in a transformation of mind, body and spirit.


The roots of the word Apprenticeship literally means grasp with the hands.  The right mentor-apprenticeship relationship is the most efficient and productive form of learning.  Knowledge is abstract when the learning process is just based on passive absorption.  As your mentor I know where to focus your attention and how to challenge you.  My wisdom, knowledge and experience becomes yours.  I provide immediate feedback and realistic feedback to your work, so you can improve rapidly.  All knowledge you receive can then be integrated into your individual spirit through this practical, self-directed opportunity to achieve mastery in herbal medicine and most importantly yourself.


The Program

Start your journey with Levels 1 and 2. There is one application process for this and you can apply here. Upon successful completion of these Levels, you are invited to join Level 3. 


Level 1 - The Foundation: The Study of Healing with Plants

February 2019 - 48 HRS

This introductory level is a twelve week study of the Foundations of Plant medicine. We will study plant spirit medicine as related to eight different body systems. You will learn and over 25 different plants through and in-depth study of the materia medica. Through the study of materia medica you will learn core information about each plant such as botany, plant identification, energetics, historical uses, current applications, contraindications, methods of preparation and dosages, spiritual uses, wild crafting and cultivation. You will learn the foundations of herbal actions and plant chemistry to understand how plants work with human body. This program will also include hands on medicine making, plant walking and wild crafting. 

Level 2 - Initiation: The Art of Healing with Plants

April 2019 - 64 HRS

In this level you will delve in to indigenous and traditional healing approaches worldwide to cultivate a wider scope in your practice of herbalism. We will study healing and spiritual practices of Curanderismo, African Ritual and Healing, Native American Herbalism, Introduction to Chinese Principle, Introduction to Ayurveda, and Astrological Herbalism. We will continue to learn an additional 18 materia medicas. We will gain a deeper understanding of dosages for children, elderly and pets and improve on our medicine making skills. In this Session you will also begin working on client case studies to offer you an opportunity to see what clinical herbalism looks like. Each student in this Level is required to spend the entire 14 weeks in a deeply reflective relationship with a plant ally.


$3800 USD

Includes Level 1 and 2

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Level III - Community Involvement and Service

Level III is centered around community involvement and service. Throughout this Level, we will see volunteer clients, maintain our community medicine wheel, learn botany, harvesting, and processing, we will continue to learn materia medicas and body systems and you will be responsible for the completion of two major projects.  One of the most important parts is the opportunity is to develop Sacred’s summer community curriculum at our Medicine Wheel.  Added to your Level III program is an Urban Farm Apprenticeship which is priceless.  Below are some of the things you will learn in this program:

  • Urban Agriculture techniques as it is related to growing herbs

  • Propagation under greenhouse conditions

  • Garden care and the care of plants – weeding and pest management

  • Crop management- When, how and what grows together

  • When to harvest, dry and prepare medicine

  • Composting

  • Irrigation

  • Soil management


Testimonials from Past Apprentices

Karen Rose walks with her grandmothers and speaks from her heart. When she shares her wisdom with others it is not only coming from the archives of her mind but from the deep understanding of spirit rooted in tradition. It’s always inspiring to learn from her and witness how she innately calls in our grandmothers to come and share the medicines from our linages and rebirth the memory of plants we were originally born with.
— Jessi B.
Working with Karen Rose and learning to connect with myself, spirit and the Earth through plant medicine has transformed my life. She is doing amazing work, creating and sustaining a life giving community, providing space to learn and grow and remember about health and healing and our individual and collective power. Proud to know her and learn from her.
— Tanya K.
I joined Karen’s apprenticeship with an open mind but no idea how much this course would spark my desire to learn about the medicine in the plants/environment around me, reconnect with the lost healing knowledge of my foremothers/culture, and most importantly, commit deeply to my own personal healing. I’m only in Level 1 but I’m already learning so much and feeling physically better than I have in a long time. Karen makes learning about herbal medicine accessible, enjoyable, relevant, and empowering — especially to those of us who are women of color, immigrants, and queer.
— Naa H.
Karen Rose creates with an incredible amount of love, intuition, and trust in her work as an herbalist and teacher. Karen is tremendously generous in her guidance. She has been an integral part in my delving deeper into and trusting the importance of healing and heeding the call of my inner voice in my work as an artist and herbalist.
— Charmaine B.
Its a true blessing to meet a master herbalist woman of color like Karen Rose. Karen is so deeply rooted in her spiritual practice and healing intention for this world and is committed to creating a new generation of herbalist healers that can see the wholeness, dignity and sacredness in humanity. Her medicine has been pure love, compassion and wisdom to my soul and has propelled me forward in my own healing journey and on my path as a healer & birth-worker, so that I can understand the depth of the gifts I was granted and came to share in this lifetime.
— Karen L.
Not only does Karen have a true gift for teaching and sharing her profound wisdom and knowledge of herbal medicine, she does so with incredible humility, relate-ability and accessibility. She is an inspiring teacher who honors ancient wisdom yet is wonderfully present in today’s society and culture.
— Mia W.