Reclaim Fibroids Package

Reclaim Fibroids Package


SACRED WOMB TEA: Nettle, Red Raspberry, Lady’s Mantle, Peppermint Leaves, Oatstraw and White Oak Bark.  A toning and nourishing tea for womb health. Can be used for fibroids and heavy bleeding.

LIVER AND HORMONAL BALANCING TINCTURE:  Burdock, Yellowdock, Wild Yam, Oregon Grape Root, Ginger Root and Chaste Tree Berries.  A formula to balance the hormones, cleanse and support the liver.

WOMB CLEANSE TINCTURE: Blessed Thistle, Crampbark, Motherwort, Goldenseal, Squawvine, Selfheal and Yarrow.  A formula to cleanse the womb of cysts and fibroids and to prepare for fertility.

FIBROID & CYSTS YONI STEAM: Chickweed, Myrrh, Yarrow, White Oak Bark, Plantain and Cleavers. A formula to assist the body with moving stagnation through the Uterus and Pelvic Area.

Tone and Nourish your womb completely, by addressing hormone balancing and liver support. 

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