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Garden Workshops


Sacred Vibes collaborates with several community gardens in Brooklyn.  At each location, our herbal apprentices have created thriving medicinal herb gardens and work closely with members of the local community to support initiatives of healing in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Garden workshops are led by our advanced herbal apprentices and are open to the public.


Workshop’s 2019

Reclaiming your body
Autonomy :Healing your body after trauma with self touch

Herbal Support for Elders 

Intro to Limpia
Herbs for the Home and cleansing energy - energy cleansing for the body and home

Plant Dyes & Healing your creative center

Southern Tradition

Children & Herbs 

Food as Medicine/Kitchen Medicinals

Herbs for Men (Masc identified folks)

Healing Herbs in times of disaster

Womb Health

Cannabis as Medicine

Couples Workshop

Herbs that help you align with each others frequency

In The Community