Garden Partnerships


For the last 10 years Sacred Vibes has provided our Flatbush community with FREE programming in Growing Spaces. Karen Rose and her apprentices hold community workshops focused on herbalism, ancestor connection, and connection to the land.

These workshops have provided restoration and healing in communities that are primarily immigrant communities, who have been denied access to traditional healing modalities, those living in economic poverty, facing the results of gentrification, and lack of representation in their communities.

Our workshops have been consistently well attend ranging from 40-100 people coming from the immediate community, Staten Island, the Bronx, New Jersey and even Maryland to be present to the wisdom of plant medicine.


Workshops We’ve Taught

Birth Stories and Herbal Allies: Connecting with the Ancestors

Healing After Institutionalization

Self Care for the Caregiver

Real Talk: Let’s Talk about the Things we carry in our Hearts (Youth Workshop)

Blood Lines: Healing Ancestral Trauma with Plant Elders

Summer Sweetness: Herbal Support in Times of Stress

Rooting to our Lands with Caribbean Herbs

New Beginnings: Using Plants and Herbs for New Moon Rituals

Resilience, Protection and Boundaries in Times Violence

Bush Medicine: Stories and Plant Allies of the Caribbean

Creating Womb Care Rituals: Herbs that Support Uterine Health

Pantry Potions for a Happy Healthy Mouth

Garden Pains: How to take care of your Gardener’s Body

Eternal Yoni: Herbal Support for Menopause and Beyond

Reconciling our Multiple Identities: Reclaiming Ancestral Wisdom to Heal

#thestruggleisreal #herbstohelpmewiththismess #ihatemyliferightnow (Youth Workshop)

What’s the Answer to Kicking Cancer?: Cancer Prevention and Care through the Eyes of Herbal Medicine

Calling On Our Ancestral Knowing: Healing and Harnessing Our Strength

Clearing the Path: Preventing and Eliminating Fibroids

Strength and Power!: Natural Strategies for Fighting and Protecting Against Cancer



Some of the Plants We Grow

❖ Lemon Balm ❖ Catnip ❖ Spearmint ❖ Peppermint ❖ Hyssop ❖ Calendula ❖ Lady’s Mantle ❖ Yarrow ❖ Mullein ❖ Tulsi ❖ St. John’s Wort ❖ Lobelia ❖ Skullcap ❖ Chamomile ❖ Mugwort ❖ Nettles ❖ Red Raspberry ❖ Rose ❖ Motherwort ❖ Elecampane ❖ Marshmallow ❖ Sage ❖ Blue Vervain ❖ Spilanthes ❖ Cayenne ❖ Echinacea ❖ Comfrey ❖ Passion Flower ❖ Valerian ❖ Violet ❖ Rosemary ❖ Cerease ❖ Hibiscus