Slim down Now for Summer!

burn clean and green

burn clean and green

Feeling the need to shed a few pounds before we warm up for summer?  Try our best selling Drop It Like its Hot tea and Burn Clean and Green Capsules. Over the last five years Burn Clean and Green has maintained its status as the most sold product in our apothecary. The reviews we have received on our capsules have been awesome.  I recommend Burn Clean and Green as a jump start to your weight loss goals.  For use during the first 12 days of your weight loss program.

The follow-up to Burn Clean and Green is our Drop It Like its Hot tea. This tea is formulated to help speed up your metabolism, without that jumpy feeling, decrease your appetite and burn fat-- all naturally.  It can also help you keep the weight off that you have just worked hard to shed.

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Love, Karen