2015- Your Life Designed by You

Happy New Year to You Sacred Fans!  We are so excited to have been part of your lives for the past 7 years! As you know, this is no small feat for a black woman owned small business and  I am sure it’s because of you that I continue to love my work at Sacred.  You have become my community and my friends.   I am again committed to be here for your needs in 2015!

I have decided that 2015 will be a year of me living a life by design, my own.  There’s not a minute that I will not rely on the spirit of plant medicine to heal me and move me forward in this work.  I am willing to help support you and your family in finding the healing you need and in designing the life you desire.

  • This year like the past seven years we will be creating seasonal medicines for you and your family, each season Sacred will be offering medicine personally formulated by me to enhance the benefits  we naturally receive from each season and support our body.  Look forward to the expansion of our children’s line to meet the needs of our young ones.
  • We will continue to educate you on the absolute alchemy of plant medicine by offering you a variety workshops in medicine making, healing womb trauma using plants, and navigating sadness, anger and distrust using plant medicine.
  • My Spiritual Apprenticeship Program has brought me a community of sisters! It’s been an awesome endeavor! And through this year I will continue walking this path with kindred souls in building their capacity to heal themselves and others in their practices.
  • Our free garden workshops in partnership with Sustainable Flatbush will begin again this summer, led by our Level 3 apprentices.
  • Divine Daughters, Sacred’s highly successful line dedicated to pregnancy, labor and delivery will continue to offer locally made, carefully formulated herbal products to encourage simple self-care during pregnancy and beyond.
  • I will continue to be available for one-on-one wellness consults with you to design your personal healing protocol.  These have been tremendously successful in helping you to decide which issue should be focused on and developing a day by day plan for wellness.
  • Our student clinic which is student run and supervised by me will continue to operate in Friday and Saturday mornings.  This is an amazing way to receive a wellness consultation at a low cost and it’s all supervised by me.
  • I will continue offering Get Off Your Knees my personal one on one extended mentor-ship to women, moving you forward in conscious development of a purposeful practice and utilizing my 7 Essences of Self to remove blockages along the way.
  • We will bring you soulful retreats to connect with the earth, your bodies and spirit in beautiful locations.  We will begin this March in beautiful Negril, JA.

Yes 2015 will be busy! And it’s by design!

I look forward to seeing your bright faces soon!


Karen Rose