Sacred Turns Two!

On May 1st Sacred turned two.   We celebrated quietly in here in our apothecary with our community, and  we were filled with gratitude to be given the opportunity to be of service for the fastest two years I have ever experienced!

As I reflected on this blog post and what I wanted to say about turning two, I only had to look at my youngest son who is three and remembered what he was like a year ago.  The similarities are striking!  I thought how important it was to him to prove his independence, I had this same notion that it was time for Sacred to show that we can stand on our own as a business;  what an illusion, no business stands on its own!  I was not enough to take Sacred into its second year.  And so like most two year olds, I realized that independence was out of the question.  I am dependent on a team of amazing individuals who are my steadfast community.

Emotions take on a roller coaster like quality as most parents of two year olds can attest; they can go from excitement to anger to laughter within a few moments.  There were such moments in which I could have given in to roller coaster emotions were it not for those who kept my feet firmly planted in the vision.    A great deal of a two year olds  life is spent exploring, pushing, pulling, filling, dumping and touching; this we did marvelously, we explored  many ideas, pushed past barriers, filled our plates with brand new ideas – Divine Daughters, and dumped many along the way.  Touch – well it’s my hope that we have touched you our customers, our apprentices and our family’s lives.

Two year olds are surer of themselves and of what they can do as they grow.  Sacred has gotten a better understanding of who our customers are and what their needs are and we feel confident in our ability to handle them.  The growth is rapid when you are two, and ours has been also, and we have responded to your needs in our first two years by instituting our first annual Summer Camp, developed a four level Herbal Apprenticeship program, launched a line of herbal products to support mother and baby and more importantly launched a monthly mothers circle to share encouragement and information while creating a safe space for new moms to share.  These are a few of the ways we have grown!

Toddlers are very attached to their care givers.  You may find them trying out new ideas and exploring their surroundings, but still staying close to their care givers as they need a base of support  and trust.  True again! You are our caregivers, the land is our care giver, we have chosen to stay close to you, listening to your needs and filled with gratitude to be able to respond.  We have chosen to stay connected to and in deep reverence to the plants which we use to heal, realizing that they are the connection to our divinity and the gateway to true transcendence.

Two year olds are usually interested in other children.  However, social interest and physical abilities sometimes collide.  Our social interest has been many and though our physical abilities have not kept up; we thank you for always thinking of us and introducing us to so many interesting projects.  We want to partner with you more in our third year as our legs will grow stronger and our ability will begin to grow to match our interest!  For three is the number of spontaneous creative expression, expansion,  fertility and abundance, partnership communication, originality and motivation.