2011 and Restore, Renew and Reestablish


The coming of a new year makes me reflective and resolute. I am reflecting on 2010 with profound gratitude. I stand in grace and filled with gratitude for your support of my vision, a community apothecary where magic happens on a daily basis. Thank you! I am resolute to make 2011 a year of restoration and progress. Much of the work that needs to happen around restoration includes purification, release and refinement. Purging of sorts, a taking away; which can seem daunting. Language is so powerful to me and my outlook, that I have decided that I like to use the word Restoration for January’s theme here at Sacred. Restoration – to bring back into existence; reestablish: to restore order. Yes that sounds more like it! I will restore my body’s order and I am asking you if you would like to restore yours . If you would, I am here to show you how plants can help. I encourage you to let Sacred help you Restore, Renew and Re-establish your connection to nature and ultimately your divinity!