Wellness on Purpose - Its October!


Purpose is the theme of the month at Sacred Vibes. We are encouraging you to embrace wellness with a purpose. When used as a noun purpose is defined as determination and resoluteness, as a verb it can mean to intentionally design. That’s exactly what I want you to do this month! With determination and resoluteness, I want you to intentionally design and achieve your wellness goals.

I believe that wellness can be achieved if we stop actively harming ourselves, such as, having an improper diet, lack of exercise, and engaging damaging relationships, etc.; and go back to the business of taking care of ourselves and our families in a compassionate, loving way.

Most of all purposefully renewing our connection to the earth will allow us to draw from its infinite sources for regeneration and ultimate wellness. Today is the first day of October's new moon, a great time to define your wellness intent. Write it down and keep it in a visible place, that you can be reminded each day of your intention to achieve balance and wellness.

Throughout the month I will help you to design a simple day-to-day protocol that will help you achieve one or more of your wellness goals