Ready, Set, Go! Get them Ready for School Naturally!


I have been consumed with thinking and planning about getting my three little (and not so little) ones off to school.  My youngest one Shiloh will be starting in a pre-kindergarten program; he's ready, but I am not so sure I am!  As I think about their needs for them to have a great school year to be prepared to learn as much as possible, I can't help to also think of their health.  As the seasons change their little bodies, as well as ours, without the right preparation will be susceptible to infection and illness.   Let Sacred help you get the right support to be naturally healthy this school year!  

Join us for a fun workshop this weekend on just this topic!

Ready, Set, Go Fall Readiness Workshop

Build your Immune System and prevent illness this fall and with herbs.Learn how plants can help andthe items needed to keep you and your family healthy this Fall and Winter!

Date:Sunday, August 22 – 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Location:Sacred Vibes Apothecary – 376 Argyle Road (Cortelyou and Dorchester Roads)

Cost: $50

Sacred also will be offering the following products for your young ones at a 15% discount until September, 30 while supplies last:

Sacred Immune Builder and Tincture for Infections

Part I - Immune System Tincture

Build your immune system naturally! Our immune tincture is made of of immune supportive herbs that will help you build your immune and withstand this flu season.

Astragulus Root - Immune food, anti-viral, resistance builder. A potent immune enhancer. Best taken before allergy or cold and flu season strikes, it builds the body’s resistance.

Codonopisis Root - Vital energy and restorative herb, for deficient immune systems,builds immune, prevents frequent infection.

Siberian Ginseng - Antiviral and boosts the immune system, aids the body to withstand stressful conditions.

Rosehips - Highest natural form of Vitamin C. Fights infections and colds.

Part II - Tincture for infections

Help the body fight off infections. Boost your body's natural mechanism for fighting off infections.

Goldenseal Root - A powerful antibiotic and antimicrobial herb.

Echinacea Root - An immune stimulant, antimicrobial. Fights the flu, staph infections and lymphatic congestion.

Usnea - Immune enhancer with antibiotic properties.

Garlic - Antibiotic, internal and external antiseptic, stimulates the body's immune system.

Ginger - Stimulant, respiratory congestion and internal warming.

Young Vibes High C Tea

This tea is formulated to ensure that your children are receiving their share of Vitamin C. The tea is composed of herbs traditionally know for their high Vitamin C content. It provides bioflavinoids and Vitamin C in a readily absorbed way. All of our young ones love this tea - they all agree it tastes good and that's what we love about it! You can give it to them cold or hot.

Young Vibes Respiratory Tonic Tea

This is our respiratory tonic tea formulated especially for children. But can be used for both adults and children. It builds lung health and can be useful in treating respiratory illnesses such as asthma.

Red Clover Flowers (Trifolium pretense) traditional used to treat coughs, colds, mucous and congestion

Mullein Leaves (Verbascum thapsus) lung and bronchial congestion, coughs, sore throat

Fennel Seeds (Foeniculum vulgare) congestion, coughs, colds

Coltsfoot leaf(Tussilago farfara) chronic lung problems, cough, bronchitis

Rosehips seeds (Rosa canina) Highest form of Vit. C, congestion, colds, flu and infections

Calendula Flowers (Calendula officinalis) Lymphatic congestion

All Natural Hand Sanitizer and Room Spray

An all natural way to ward off germs! A combination of herbs and essential oils with anti-viral and antiseptic properties.

Stop by the Apothecary! Ready, Set, Go!