Home - A Haven of Peace and Prosperity!

Creating a haven of peace and prosperity in our homes is of utmost importance when trying to increase abundance in our lives. At this time of the year, our homes are opened to old and new friends, filled with exciting conversations and warm laughter.  I love summer evening gatherings, barbecues, diner table conversations, reunions, etc. Its a great time to fill the lives of our friends with some joy and abundance by extending our hospitality!

In honor of these soul-stirring gatherings, we are providing you with a beautiful way to draw peace and prosperity into your home by making a herbal home blessing bundle. The following are some easily accessible herbs that can be used to bring increased blessings into your home:

Basil - Brings happiness

Bay Leaves - Brings good health

Elder Flower - Blesses your home and fulfils your wishes; has the energy of a loving elder

Pine - Brings joy, peace and purification

Plantain  and Rosemary- Both of these herbs can be used for their protective energy

Use a beautiful ribbon or yarn to tie and hang with any of these bundles throughout your home to bring increased  joy, peace and prosperity to you and your family. Or how about sending your guests home with their own home blessing bundle; bringing abundance in to their lives!