June - Celebrate your Abundance

The month of June brings us to one of my favorite themes Abundance.All month we will be moving in recognition of this quality. Abundance is defined as more than adequate quantity or supply; a great or plentiful amount.Fullness to overflowing; affluence; wealth. We relate abundance many times only to wealth.To look at the definition of abundance, we realize that we are presently abundant; we all have qualities of which we have more than an adequate supply! Just ask your friends they will tell you.Are you abundantly generous and helpful?Or maybe you are abundantly wise or talented.You are abundant! When we begin to make that connection and live this truth, then properties of abundance such as lushness and bountifulness will be part of our life.And about wealth and affluence, well they are qualities of profuse abundance; first we must be abundant beings to have the qualities that come with it, such as wealth, prosperity and affluence!

Follow us this month as we focus on events and knowledge sharing and medicine making to increase your Abundance!