Feeling Anxious? You are not alone!

It seems anxiety has been the theme of this week. Our customers are having panic attacks and down right freaking out! Hearts racing, minds flying, just a sense of being overwhelmed. What to do? Know that this might very well pass. The Aries new moon has made all of us impulsive and maybe we are now feeling the pressure and stress of all the projects we have taken on. On top of it all Mercury is in retrograde and nothing gets done on time, delays, miscommunications galore! With that being said let herbs help. Here are a few I have been turning to over the past few days:

Passion Flower - A excellent herb to help cope with anxiety, tension headaches and nervous tension.

Oatstraw and Milky Oat Tops - A tonic for the entire nervous system. Nerve food.

Lemon Balm - Anti-anxiety, relieves stress and can help with a headache.

Wild Lettuce - A wonderful aid for mental over-excitement and anxiety.

Linden Flowers - A nervine that is also anti-spasmodic (helps to relieve spasms), it also helps to relieve palpitations.

Herbal medicine can help you ride this wave and ensure that arrive safely at full moon! But remember to do only what we can; there is always tomorrow.