>Blood Cleansing - Day 26 to Wellness


On most day at the Apothecary customers come in asking for a blood cleanser. Although most are not aware of exactly what the process should be they know what they want. A better functioning body and cleaner/clearer skin. Susan Weeds says that when she pictured a blood cleanser she envisioned little street sweeping machines moving through blood vessels gobbling up debris. This vision is true for me and my customers and its not far off from how some of our blood cleansing herbs work.

One of my favorite herb for blood cleansing is Burdock (Articum lappa), Burdock is a tonic (can be taken every day) herb and work especially on our lymph, sweat and oil glands. It cleanses the liver, gut, skin, uterus, kidneys, lungs and joints. It action is slow but steady, so this herb will have to part of your healing protocol for month. Burdock, worth getting to know for sure.