>After last night tea - Day 23 and 24 to Wellness

>I am so not wanting to admit that I missed blogging yesterday. I went out, there it is, I went with my friend (Sophie) out to bar, for good cause, of course! And today I my post is about liver support and detox after all our somewhat memorable "last nights". The herbs I am choosing to work with today is not quite so in your face as milk thistle (even though it might help to have consumed some prior to drinking alcohol) today I am working with fennel for it restorative liver properties, peppermint for its ability to soothe my stomach, help in digestion and nausea and meadowsweet for its pain killing and all things headachy properties. So today its plenty of tea for Sophie and me! And oh, tea will help with dehydration, so yes we will all feel better sooon.