>A simple way to a clearer mind - Day 18 to Wellness

Detox of the mind so very important in the process of detox for the body. My mind has been filled with random thoughts, thoughts of advancing my business, images, sounds, personal beliefs of the abject disaster in Haiti and managing my household. An over stuffed mind has much the same feel and effect of an overstuffed body- toxicity. I needed to clear my mind. I have come to learn that mediation is the best way to clear my mind, however sometimes finding the time to actually sit and walk through my meditative practice seem virtually impossible. And ironically its on these days (manic Mondays, Tuesdays, etc.) that a meditative practice would be most beneficial. So what to do? Well, I always find that being in nature help me calm the mind and sometimes through its stunning silence/beauty I am able to return to myself. I am able to slow thoughts down, make sense out of nonsense, see deeper purposes, archive feelings of inferiority and suffering and be. So today and yesterday I walked home from the apothecary. It was the moment I needed in my day to pause, let go and regroup; all from a 15 minute walk.

When you feel overwhelmed and are unable to fit in your usual meditative practice, plug into nature, your umbilical cord to the divine and let go, surrender and appreciate, if only for 15 minutes.