>Another path to a clean colon - Day 17 to Wellness

>Colon cleansing aids are a topic of many of the conversations at the Apothecary. As such it it is generally the topic of many of my blog posts. And when it comes to detox; well colon cleansing just seems to go hand in hand. With that being said, here is another, great way to clean your colon. Psyllium Husk, Psyllium is fiber it is made up of complex carbohydrates. It's the coating around the seed of the Psyllium plant, so it's completely natural.

Some of the ways in which it benefits the body are: it can help ease the pain of hemorrhoids and cystitis, it has anti-inflammatory properties, aid in weight loss and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, helps you maintain healthy blood pressure levels, a promising way to treat IBS, hemorrhoids and even yeast infections.

Its main benefit however, is in preventing constipation and promoting colon health. The natural fiber in Psyllium increases the weight of our bowels, and acts as a safe laxative. In fact, Psyllium Husk is present in many over the counter laxatives. The husk swells when it comes in contact with water. It can absorb anything that is 8-16 times its weight. Its bulky fiber qualities makes it an effective laxative. Psyllium Husk forms a gelatin-like mass in the colon, which keeps the bowels nice and soft. This mass also helps absorbs toxins located in our bowels. The bulky substance formed by Psyllium Husks stimulates peristalsis, which aids constipation.

Recommended usage to use:

1. Psyllium Husk can be taken alone, or with Bentonite Clay or with Apple Pectin or other herbs as part of a colon cleansing regimen.

2. Make sure you consume it with liquid. Do not eat it alone as it can cause digestive problems. You can mix Psyllium Husk with practically anything: fruit/veggie juice, soups, smoothies, shakes, water, milk, etc.

3. Make sure you consume plenty of liquid before and afterwards. Psyllium Husk can cause dehydration since it makes the moisture content of our bowels higher. It would be good to keep an extra glass of water when consuming Psyllium Husk for the first time, because it can be hard to swallow.

4. Consume Psyllium Husk in between meals, never immediately after or before one. It can dilute enzymes and therefore interfere with digestion .