>Help in taming the sweet tooth - Day 15 to Wellness

>So you all about the detox, drinking water, cleasing the colon, etc. but you can't seem to put down the sweets. Here's help for all of you with a sweet tooth - Gymnema Sylvestre. What you say? Gymnema is an ayurvedic herb often referred to as the "killer of sweetness" or "destroyer of sweetness". This herb is most popular for treatment in diabetes. It can be used in treating conditions caused by excessive sugar intakes. Conditions like obesity, hyperglycemia can be benefited.

But how does this help a sweet toothnb? OK, I going to tell you, but you most definitely have to try this for yourself. You see, when you chew on this herb or take a few drops of the tincture and were to eat something with any sugar you will not be able to taste the sugar. So now, you are just eating that cookie to eat it and not because of the taste, as a matter of fact its quite bland. So what's the point of that cookie? No matter what the food is, as long as it has sweet in it you will not taste it. Amazing!

So whenever you are tempted, try Gymnema and pretty soon you will be on you way to destroying that sweet tooth!