>Water, Water and Water ok.. Herbal Tea - Day 4 to Wellness

> Experts have always stated that drinking 8 glasses of water per day was a rule. After much debate we now understand that there is not so much an amount that you have to drink each day as it is honoring your thirst. Go figure....listening to your body actually works:) My take on this is that you need to keep your body hydrated throughout the day, whether you choose to drink water or herbal tea (not coffee!). So today, I will be drinking way more than eating, and encourage you to do the same.

A hydrated body encourages your organs to release toxins, including those in our colon, which detox is all about. Winter skin woes can also be relieved with additional hydration. There is also the benefit of eating less by drinking more, decreasing calories intake! Water also helps keep our joints lubricated, and lessen the duration of colds and the flu. Drink up!