>Sacred's Perfumery Launch - Introspection

>It was only a matter of time that Sacred would bring back the art of making natural perfumes from 100% natural ingredients! I am in love with scents and had been experimenting over the years with all natural perfume oils. So when I got the chance to create a blend for the Apothecary I was beyond excited.

Our pure and natural perfume oil does not contain synthetic fragrances, propylene glycol, sodium sulfate, parabens, colorants, synthetic musks, mineral oils or silicones. They do contain the carefully selected essence of flower blossoms and precious woods in 100% organic jojoba oil.

Sacred Perfumery is based on the moon phases, their meanings and magickal aspects. They are blended on the new moon and present on the full moon. Our introductory scent Introspection- Long Night's Moon Decembers moon is a time for looking within, letting go of past mistakes and pain, once those are acknowledged and released. It is a time to develop you vision of the future. Visualize what the future holds and what needs to take place for it to become reality.

Introspection is a intense yet sensual blend of Jasmine, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Cinnamon.

Our perfumes are hypoallergenic, 100% natural and cruelty free.