>Quit smoking now- The Great American Smokeout


Yesterday, November 19th signaled the beginning of the Great American Smokeout sponsored by the American Cancer Society. This nationwide event's goal is to encourage smokers to quit for a day and can be a stepping stone for smokers that are concerned about the serious health risks associated with tobacco.

Sacred viewed this as an impetus to create a line of herbal smoking blends to ease the transition of giving up your tobacco habit. Herbal smoking blend have been used over time as a non -nicotine alternative to tobacco. They can offer a healthy heart and lung alternative to tobacco. Our blends are organic herbs without any additional additives. We recommend hand rolling organic herbs using natural organic rolling paper or a pipe.

Some of the benefits of using a herbal smoking blend are, it aids with the compulsion of the physical act of holding cigarette and blowing smoke. It provides calm, lung strengthening and clearing properties and can be soothing. Other advantages include cost benefits and different flavors. Herbal smoke does not contain nicotine or other harmful antioxidants, they are safe. However the smoke does affect your lungs and should not be used for long periods of times.

Our organic herbal blends include: Chill - which is a blend of herbs to induce calm, Light a blend of herbs to aid with stress, Spirit a blend of herbs to connect with spirit and Breath a blend to build the health of your lungs.

Sacred also offers our Addiction Withdrawal Tea to aid with releasing tobacco and other addictions.
For these and all you herbal needs please visit us at our Brooklyn Store 376 Cortelyou Road or send us an email at sacredvibes@verizon.net.