>Swine Flu (H1N1) Fears - Prevention - Some Facts and an Herbal Approach

>Like many worried parents, I too sent my children off to school this week; as we held our collective breaths, and prayed that the flu would passed over our loved ones. We cautioned our them to wash their hands, cover their mouths, use common sense and take necessary precautions to ensure a flu season without being infected.

While many states have reported high cases of flu-like illnesses in the past week (the reported numbers maybe larger due to schools being reopened), this note is to encourage all of us to use our common sense, exhale, and not act in a state of panic. Earlier this week the Associated Press reported that the CDC issued a statement to say that the original estimated number of possible infections was much higher that what is now being expected. This is good news. During this same time, Federal Health Officials have also said that Tamiflu and Relenza (the antiviral used to combat the swine flu) should only be used to treat people who are sick and at high risk for complications, and those at greater risk, i.e., those with asthma and heart disease, pregnant women, the elderly and children, and not as a preventative. What that means is that the majority of adolescents and adults would not needing the swine flu vaccine. We also want to keep in mind that the swine flu is not the only strand of the flu that can be infectious, the winter flu or seasonal flu also can be just as serious to our compromised populations. Health officials also warn against the over use of the antivirals, because a virus can develop a resistance, making the drugs ineffective. It also being reported that the cases of the swine flu has disproportionately infected historically under-served groups; Hispanics and African Americans. This fact continues to bring attention in an important way to social justice and access in our health care system.

What to do next? The first step is to remain calm and become educated, secondly - know your options, take necessary precautions and always stress prevention rather than treatment. For more information on prevention and an herbal approach to treatment, please reference my article http://ezinearticles.com/?id=2781661.