>Reflections on Last Week


I am reflective by nature, this is not new to those who know me. Yes, I am that person who will call you two days after a conversation to comment on what we discussed!
Last week was a rainy week with not that much foot traffic at Sacred. I realize this is the time to spend in planning, doing, making, evaluating and creating, pretty much doing the things you never get a chance to. I spent my days last week refining our workshops to ensure that they are of value, that those who attend them enjoy their time here and that most of all that workshops provide what was promised. Time was also spent on the appearance of the store and its stock, do I have what people are in need of and is it readily available. So I have noticed that rainy days are some of my busiest!

With that said, there are moments in each day that are special moments. Last week I really enjoyed two of those special moments. The first was an impromptu tea party when our neighbors and friends stopped in seeking shelter from the rain. We drank tea and talked, it was an enjoyable way to pass time, and amazing. I have been most fortunate to have most wonderful neighbors who have been willing to share their time, lives, advice and their children. My second special moment of the week came while working with someone to achieve wellness in their lives. Through this I met a special friend who spent some time with us in the store and had a relaxing Sunday afternoon chat around healing. She later blogged about us here's the link to her post http://theroux.typepad.com/the_roux/2009/06/herbal-tonic-for-the-soul.html.

If these were the high points of last week, I can't imagine this week, considering that things only get better here at Sacred. I hope my days and yours are filled with laughter, joy, planning, creating, dreaming and reflection of course. Please visit us when you can and I look forward to talking to you.