>Diaper rashes

Woke up yesterday morning to my 16 month old, Shiloh with a diaper rash. I have been teaching classes on treating a diaper rash and knew that along with keeping the diaper off and scrutinizing what he was eating that I needed a topical treatment. I wanted to share with you what I made. I had some Calendula, Yarrow, Comfrey and Thyme soaking in Olive oil and used this with beeswax to create a healing diaper rash balm. Its great to have these soothing, herbs on hand. My advice is to get a jar and soak any or all of the above in olive oil so that you can use when necessary.

I decided to hold off on writing this post until today because I wanted to give report on the results. By the first application, I noticed his skin responding well. By the third application, the rash was completely gone. By this morning, no sign of it ever being there. However, I will continue to apply the balm for the next few days. The key to treating diaper rash, is to attack it at the first sign. This balm can be used every time you change baby to prevent any rashes in the first place!