Join us for our 2018 Garden Workshops!

Sacred Vibes Apothecary 2018 Summer Garden Workshops (Free 4 the Community)

All workshops will be held at the Youth Farm @ HSPS in collaboration with Sacred Vibes Medicine Wheel,  600 Kingston Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (btwn. Winthrop Ave and Rutland Rd.)


with Roxana Marroquin and Donna Clearly

Wednesday, June 20, 2018, 4pm - 7pm

In celebration of the summer solstice, this workshop will introduce herbs and flowers that are abundant and useful in this time of year. From cooling herbs to plants that connect with the sun, summer and goddesses of fertility, we will discuss ways to work with midsummer plants. On this longest day of the year we will harness the energy of the sun to create and meditate with flower essences.


Blood Lines: Healing Ancestral Trauma
with Plant Elders

with Alyssa Mancini, Tiffany Mosalve, and Conya Gilmore

Wednesday, July 25, 2018, 6pm - 7:30pm

Trauma endured from systemic oppression from white supremacy, patriarchy, and colonialism is passed on from generation to generation. In this workshop we will work with plants to heal ancestral trauma. Join us in working with plant allies in healing our ancestors and future generations.


Resilience, Protection & Boundaries In Times of Violence

with Alyssa Mancini and Roxana Marroquin

Sunday, July 29, 2018, 4:30pm-6:00pm   

When our communities and individuals are constantly under attack, how we can heal and protect from cultural violence, daily micro aggressions, domestic and work related violence? In this hands on workshop we will discuss herbs that provide protection and build up resilience in times of violence.


New Beginnings:
Using Plants and Herbs for New Moon Rituals

with Suhaly Bautista-Carolina and Tiffany Mosalve

Saturday, August 11, 2018, 1:00-2:30pm

In this workshop, we will learn how to use plants and herbs for setting new intentions during the new moon phase.  We will work with lunar plants and the magic of the new moon to manifest our visions, wishes, and goals. Join us in creating new beginnings!


Ritual Care for Care Givers

with Donna Clearly, Naa Hammond, and Conya Gilmore

Wednesday, August 22, 2018, 6pm - 7:30pm

Supportive herbs to ensure the care giver is cared for. A workshop for caregivers of all kinds - from people taking care of elderly relatives, to overworked parents chasing little ones, to people working in professions that center people. Come learn about herbs that can nourish and sustain you, as you take care of others.


summer's sweetness: Herbal support for times of stress

with Naa Hammod and Andrea Jacome

Saturday, August 25, 2018, 1:00-2:30pm

Who said medicine has to taste all bad? In this workshop, we will enjoy summer's sweet medicine by learning how to make herbal syrups, and sweet lemonade while utilizing herbs that support us specifically in times of stress. Do you tend to get sick when stressed? Want support from herbal allies to alleviate stress and their symptoms? Come join us for this hands-on workshop!


Rooting to Our Lands with Caribbean Herbs

with Andrea Jacome and Suhaly Bautista-Carolina

Sunday, September 16, 2018, 1:00-2:30pm

In the face of local gentrification and global displacement, how do we ground ourselves both for our survival and our spirit? Through uplifting plant allies from the Caribbean, this workshop will explore how plant medicine can provide opportunities to connect with our ancestral lands as well as establish protective and grounding rituals.




Welcome Summer! Welcome Beautiful Skin!

Hyssop in flower by AA Clayton

Sacred is making major moves this Summer and wanted to share them with you.  First, we are expanding!

In the next month Sacred will open a satellite location in Clinton Hills at the El Noel Integrative Wellness Center!  Please stop in and pick up your favorite Sacred Product!  We are also launching our brand spanking new website.  We love how our new site reflects all the work we are doing in the community and at the Apothecary.  And now as many of you have requested and sometimes demanded our products are now available online!  Yes you can enjoy our products without leaving your home! 


Summer’s Sacred Medicine

Community, there is so much happening - great things and some things that leave us all numb.  Please remember that plants are a tremendous ally in helping us care for ourselves.  Over these summer months it’s easy for our emotions and bodies to become overheated; this will demonstrate on our skin as rashes and breakouts, in our circulatory system as swellings, varicose veins, etc.  Our nervous system also needs our attention as emotions such as anger and grief can take its toll.  I have one herb that could be your friend through all these times.  Hawthorn.  Hawthorn berries are present during this time, since nature is most intelligent and provides for us if we are still present enough to take notice.  Drinking hawthorn berry tea or taking the tincture are both brilliant ways to cool things down internally and externally.  Hawthorn spiritually helps us to be courageous in extending compassion to the self, thereby gaining the capacity to extend compassion to the world outside. 


What is My Favorite Product for Summer?
Beautiful Skin Tea of course!  My daughter Lauren and I have been drinking this tea each day to keep the glow coming from within!  Beautiful Skin Tea is a gentle formula designed to nourish the liver and blood which reflects beautifully on your skin. You will see why it's absolutely our most sold tea!

This special blend includes Calendula, Red Clover, Burdock Root, Cleavers and Spearmint.

Come vist at the shop and pick some up or head over to our brand new online shop!

Announcing Sacred Vibes Clinton Hill!

In the next month Sacred Vibes will open a satellite location in Clinton Hill at El Noel Integrative Wellness Center located at 525 Clinton Avenue.!  Featured Sacred Vibes products will be available at this Center starting August 20th.

We are thrilled to be in collaboration with this wonderful Center.  Please stop in and pick up your favorite Sacred Product!  And check our class schedule in the coming months for Karen's classes in Clinton Hill.  

For more information and ongoing updates about this new location, please visit the Clinton Hill Page on this site!

Why our Bless You Again Allergy Tea Works!

There is only one thing I want to share with you today,,,,

And that is our Allergy Tea!  Over the last two weeks we have been seeing so many of you with various types of allergic symptoms and we have been recommending our Bless You Again Allergy Tea. This tea works and we are happy to explain the herbs in the formula.  You might see something that can offer you much needed relief.

Why Bless You Again Allergy Tea works:

Nettles – Itchy and irritated skin?  This herb has histamine in its chemical components and is great for any itchiness, swelling, skin rashes or elevated bumps, hives, etc. Nettle is just as great in opening the lungs and removing mucous, which helps with wheezing and shortness of breath.

Goldenrod – Say goodbye to your itchy eyes!  This herb is brilliant at relieving redness, itchiness and mucous from eyes.  It is a brilliant kidney restorative and is strengthening  to the kidneys, which has everything to do with how your body responds to allergies.

Sage –Itchy throat and congested sinuses? This herb also has histamine as a chemical constituent, and has antimicrobial and astringent properties, so it can prevent infections while drying up mucous.

Ginger and Peppermint complement the above ingredients in this amazing formula.

If you are looking for a more holistic approach to managing your allergies, I think you might be very pleased with our allergy tea.  

You can follow our Allergic Response Pinterest board for more products to help you move bravely through allergy season.  Keep up with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Sun, Ocean, Prayer & Plant Medicine

Join Me!  I am super excited to invite you to join me a small group of women as we journey to beautiful Negril, JA for a one-of-kind healing!  I am asking you to spend 5 days in Realization of Self and Realignment of Spirit using Prayer and Plant Medicine. This Alchemical Prayer & Plant Retreat – March 27th – April, 2nd will assist you in connecting to your deepest self and opening to the flow of miracles! What that can mean for you is nothing short of a life changing! Our sun filled days will be spent with brilliant company in affirmation, gratitude and praise, along with indigenous plant walks, ceremony, yoga, spa treatments, rest and relaxation, and good food. Give yourself the healing you deserve! Click here for more details, reservation and payment options.

2015- Your Life Designed by You

Happy New Year to You Sacred Fans!  We are so excited to have been part of your lives for the past 7 years! As you know, this is no small feat for a black woman owned small business and  I am sure it’s because of you that I continue to love my work at Sacred.  You have become my community and my friends.   I am again committed to be here for your needs in 2015!

I have decided that 2015 will be a year of me living a life by design, my own.  There’s not a minute that I will not rely on the spirit of plant medicine to heal me and move me forward in this work.  I am willing to help support you and your family in finding the healing you need and in designing the life you desire.

  • This year like the past seven years we will be creating seasonal medicines for you and your family, each season Sacred will be offering medicine personally formulated by me to enhance the benefits  we naturally receive from each season and support our body.  Look forward to the expansion of our children’s line to meet the needs of our young ones.
  • We will continue to educate you on the absolute alchemy of plant medicine by offering you a variety workshops in medicine making, healing womb trauma using plants, and navigating sadness, anger and distrust using plant medicine.
  • My Spiritual Apprenticeship Program has brought me a community of sisters! It’s been an awesome endeavor! And through this year I will continue walking this path with kindred souls in building their capacity to heal themselves and others in their practices.
  • Our free garden workshops in partnership with Sustainable Flatbush will begin again this summer, led by our Level 3 apprentices.
  • Divine Daughters, Sacred’s highly successful line dedicated to pregnancy, labor and delivery will continue to offer locally made, carefully formulated herbal products to encourage simple self-care during pregnancy and beyond.
  • I will continue to be available for one-on-one wellness consults with you to design your personal healing protocol.  These have been tremendously successful in helping you to decide which issue should be focused on and developing a day by day plan for wellness.
  • Our student clinic which is student run and supervised by me will continue to operate in Friday and Saturday mornings.  This is an amazing way to receive a wellness consultation at a low cost and it’s all supervised by me.
  • I will continue offering Get Off Your Knees my personal one on one extended mentor-ship to women, moving you forward in conscious development of a purposeful practice and utilizing my 7 Essences of Self to remove blockages along the way.
  • We will bring you soulful retreats to connect with the earth, your bodies and spirit in beautiful locations.  We will begin this March in beautiful Negril, JA.

Yes 2015 will be busy! And it’s by design!

I look forward to seeing your bright faces soon!


Renewal, Restoration & Regeneration

Happy New Year! The body is built to regenerate; and so is the Spirit. At Sacred, we are aware now solidly aware that in this space miracles happen! Many of our customers are not quite sure of the reason they walk in our doors and yet they leave finding whatever healing it is they needed in that moment. It is overwhelming for my human form to even begin to grasp what occurs on a daily basis in Sacred.

Sacred is here to provide the support needed for regeneration of both body and spirit. Leann and I are resolved to continue our own healing process so that we can better serve you by being present!

This year, I am bringing you some of my cherished work of 2013 in the form of two product launches. Both are plant based and designed to support healing at the core. We are also opening up our apothecary to you and invite you to join us for quarterly conversations that nudge us onward for each season. During these conversations we would be extra focused on the themes you have helped us decide on over the years of talking with you. Through these conversations – we hope to put you on the path to mastering these themes in 2014!

January – All Month

  1. Conversations: Release and Restoration

  2. Launch of Sacred Botanica a line wholly organic baths for spiritual use. We are totally sold out!!! But will have more next week.


  1. 20th- July, 2014Art and Practice Spiritual Herbalism Apprenticeship. Check out our website for more information.

  2. All month – The launch of my beautiful work with seven plants the 7 Essences of Self.


All Month – Conversations: New Beginnings and Renewal as we approach Spring

Check out our latest Pinterest board for a look of my Sacred dreams for 2014. We look forward to seeing you soon!



Are you holding Loss, Grief and Heartache in your Body?

Most, if not all of us have experienced loss in our lives. In these times, do we find our self loosing our breath and feeling tightness in the chest in response? Often this occurs when we haven’t given ourselves the permission or time to grieve, that grief then gets stored in our body. The introspectiveness of the Fall and Winter season might give rise to those feeling all over again and we may feel our body react in response.

The indigenous believed that unexpressed grief gets stored away in our lungs and interrupts our breath. The release of loss, disappointment and heartache therefore benefits the health of our respiratory system. Letting go, exhaling is not just physiological jargon, but in actuality is very real in the functioning of our out-breath. Our voice is also considered to be our out-breath, when the voice is weak or restricted the lungs are also weak. If your voice is strong, its a great indication that your lungs are healthy. Given expression the energy that was stanated by grief can now be released and that action restores health to the respiratory system.

Bear in mind too that the cold and wind of this season can also aggravate any energy congestion in the lungs and cause you to loose your voice or expression.

Here are my top products for lung health:

Breath Easy Tea – A great blend for asthmatic concerns.
Restorative Lung Tonic – Restoring health to the lungs.
Hydrating Sinus Mist – Soothe your sinuses naturally.
Bronchial Congestion Syrup – Release lung congestion.
Lung and Allergy Tonic – Nourish the lungs naturally.

Take a look at our Pinterest Exhale! Board for some of my favorite herbal items to help you breath deeply. Keep up with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages for more on our products and services.


Here’s why you may have felt differently over the past few weeks…

We have just entered the onset of a beautiful Fall season! As the earth harmonizes it cycle between light and dark our bodies respond likewise, it seeks balance. The fall winds usher in seasonal changes and our bodies can respond to the changes by feeling un-grounded, light and air like. This can be felt most especially in our mind and digestive system, both harmonizing systems between light and dark . Air and wind in the digestive system leaves us feeling bloated, gassy, unable to digest food and changes. In our mind it gives rise to anxious thought patterns and a lack of focus.

To work with these seasonal changes and soften the affects on the body try warm, spice filled, fermented foods, such as kimchi, miso, and sauerkraut. And as always herbs are fabulous in bringing balance to the body!

Here are my top five products for this season of changes:

Digestive tonic – An absolute must for all digestive issues
Earth, Wind and Fire – A warming harmonizing blend for the Fall Equinox
Digestive tea – Our go to tea for gas and bloating
Anti-Anxietea – Easy your mind!
Immunity Chai – A great warming and protecting blend for a windy Fall.

Take a look at our Pinterest Falling Hard! Board for some of my favorite herbal items for the Fall. Keep up with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages for more on our products and services.


Great Skin is Always In!

Great skin is always in and herbs can get you there!

The health of the skin begins on the inside! What we eat, drink OR what we don’t eat and drink is revealed on our skin. Radiant skin is a benefit of eating a nutritionally balanced diet, and being mindful of our fluid intake which is needed to feed the organs that support our skin. Our skin is more than just a covering, its tone and elasticity can show the state of our health or where we are in our lives. For example, perfect baby skin gives way to puberty skin, showing evidence of the hormonal fluctuations of a menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause; then it gradually becomes thinner, drier, and less supple as cell functions slow with age.

Herbs can help us through all the life cycles of your skin! Here are my favorite herbs for skin health:
Chamomile – Matricaria reuctita – Soothing and relaxing, it has anti-inflammatory properties when applied on the skin. Its great for soothing redness and irritation.
Calendula – Calendula officinalis – This bright yellow flower is brilliant for bringing the light to your skin. It is a great lymphatic cleanser and has supreme anti-inflammatory properties.
Lavender -Lavendula officinalis – Relaxing, great for cleansing skin, and it reduces surface oil so it great for acne.
Vitex – Angus catus – This herb is extra special for balancing hormones and therefore eases skin breakout due to hormonal fluctuations.
Oatstraw – Avena sativa – Brilliant for nourishing internally and externally. It lubricates the insides and you can see it on the outside. Great for dry skin.
Nettles – Urtica diocia – Supremely nourishing! Nettles increases the health of the capillaries to ensure a rich blood supply to our skin.
All of these herbs are available at our Apothecary. Take a look at our Pinterest Get that Glow! Board for some of my favorite herbal items to help you glow. Keep up with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages for more on our products and services.


Panicked? No need to be!

Be in better spirits today! In Chinese medicine the heart is considered the master of spirits; the place where our spirit lives! It is from here it reigns, over our mental conditions, consciousness and thought.  When the heart is not at ease, there is disorder in our spirit, which physically manifests as insomnia, anxiety, forgetfulness,confusion, incoherent thoughts,etc.

Our heart ensures that energy is circulated smoothly, and also that our blood is circulated smoothly. When this energy is blocked, so is our circulation. During the summer, our circulation can be challenged.  Due to heat outside and our bodies internal heat, our blood can literally boil, dispersing our energy in anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, etc,

Here are two brilliant herbs that can be helpful:

Hawthorn Berries (Cartaegus spp.) – My premier circulatory tonic! It beautiful for the heart, calming your spirit, lending compassion to your growing process, ensuring the heart’s strength and resiliency , while promoting love, trust and forgiveness. It is a cardiac tonic that and protects the heart and improves circulation.

Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) – Lion hearted!  Motherwort develops the strength of the heart! It mothers you in all stages of life and assists those who tend to “over mother” and gives the courage to let go! It improves circulation and prevents blood clots, and calms anxiety and stress.

Both of these herbs are available at our Apothecary.  Take a look at our Pinterest  Chill Out board  for some of my favorite herbal items for keeping cool in the summer.  Keep up with us on  our Facebook or Twitter pages for more on our products and services.




Don’t Fall so Easily!

Over the last two weeks, several individuals I care about have all fallen.  They all have very different reasons, such as not being present, being distracted, being tired, etc. These experiences got me thinking about our mental thoughts and how they are so connected to our balance.  In Chinese medicine the kidneys and the brain are the organs that balance the body.  The kidneys provide us with a sense of having deep roots and therefore slowing us down and making us conscious with each step.  The kidneys are also important to our bones and the richness of the bone marrow, which feeds the brain with a rich blood supply, as it seeks to create balance for the entire body.

I have found herbs that nourish the kidneys to be excellent in providing us with clear thoughts, a rich blood supply to feed our bones and organs, increase our energy stores, all to move us forward with security, care and harmony.   Here are two herbs I absolutely love for enriching the blood and supporting the vital  energy of the body:

 Nettle Leaf (Urtica diocia)- This herb is a multivitamin on its own.  It’s a supreme tonic for the entire body, especially so for all things blood related.  It nourishes our kidneys and builds the blood.  It’s perfect for anemia. Nettles is also extraordinarily beneficial for women in all stages of womb health.  It can be extremely useful for blood loss due to fibroidand endometriosis, menopausal flooding or just heavy periods.  I highly recommended it to pregnant women as an every day tonic due to its high iron content.  


Foti Root ( Polygonum multiflorum) Also know as Ho Shou Wu- An age old Chinese tonic for building the blood and nourishing the kidneys.   It is said to nourish the heart and calm the spirit.  This herb is often referred to as “the elixir of immortality”, a great indication of its life giving properties.  The Chinese believe that this herb can restore youth and sexual potency (a natural result of strengthening the kidneys), and bring back color to graying hair.   

Both of these herbs are available for purchase in our Apothecary.  Take a look at our Bloody Rich Pinterest board  for some herbal aid in blood building.  Keep up with us on Facebook or Twitter for more on our products and services.



Get your Libido back!

Where has my libido gone? What is libido any how? Libido is often defined as an energy that emanates from the human psyche or the mind. Yes! Not from our sexual organs!  It is also said to be desire, therefore, we can say that libido is a psychic energy that leads to desire.  An instinctive knowing energy that makes you desire. It is not a stretch, to also then say that same energy can make you be desired!

I want to introduce you to a plant that vibrates on the same frequency as your instinctively knowing psyche– Shatavari!  It is my Goddess tonic, rejuvenating and restoring the inner Goddess or knowing.  It nourishes the pineal gland,  the heart, the liver, the kidneys, the nervous system and is especially nourishing to the female reproductive system. This herb’s a brilliant fertility enhancer, and is proven to nourishes the ovum. It protects and enriches all bodily fluids, nourishes mucous membranes preventing dryness. It’s also great for those who are in menopause, or those who have had a hysterectomy, serving as a harmonizer and balances the hormones.

Emotionally, Shatavari calms and nourishes the spirit, it aligns knowing with desire, it reclaims your mojo, making you feel alive and whole! A woman’s best friend!

This brilliant herb is available for purchase in our Apothecary.

Keep up with us on PinterestFacebook or Twitter for more on our products and services.


Slim down Now for Summer!

 burn clean and green

burn clean and green

Feeling the need to shed a few pounds before we warm up for summer?  Try our best selling Drop It Like its Hot tea and Burn Clean and Green Capsules. Over the last five years Burn Clean and Green has maintained its status as the most sold product in our apothecary. The reviews we have received on our capsules have been awesome.  I recommend Burn Clean and Green as a jump start to your weight loss goals.  For use during the first 12 days of your weight loss program.

The follow-up to Burn Clean and Green is our Drop It Like its Hot tea. This tea is formulated to help speed up your metabolism, without that jumpy feeling, decrease your appetite and burn fat-- all naturally.  It can also help you keep the weight off that you have just worked hard to shed.

For more on our other products that can assist with your  weight loss goals check out our Lose it Herbally! board on Pinterest.

You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with all our products and services.

Love, Karen

Sacred Turns Two!

On May 1st Sacred turned two.   We celebrated quietly in here in our apothecary with our community, and  we were filled with gratitude to be given the opportunity to be of service for the fastest two years I have ever experienced!

As I reflected on this blog post and what I wanted to say about turning two, I only had to look at my youngest son who is three and remembered what he was like a year ago.  The similarities are striking!  I thought how important it was to him to prove his independence, I had this same notion that it was time for Sacred to show that we can stand on our own as a business;  what an illusion, no business stands on its own!  I was not enough to take Sacred into its second year.  And so like most two year olds, I realized that independence was out of the question.  I am dependent on a team of amazing individuals who are my steadfast community.

Emotions take on a roller coaster like quality as most parents of two year olds can attest; they can go from excitement to anger to laughter within a few moments.  There were such moments in which I could have given in to roller coaster emotions were it not for those who kept my feet firmly planted in the vision.    A great deal of a two year olds  life is spent exploring, pushing, pulling, filling, dumping and touching; this we did marvelously, we explored  many ideas, pushed past barriers, filled our plates with brand new ideas – Divine Daughters, and dumped many along the way.  Touch – well it’s my hope that we have touched you our customers, our apprentices and our family’s lives.

Two year olds are surer of themselves and of what they can do as they grow.  Sacred has gotten a better understanding of who our customers are and what their needs are and we feel confident in our ability to handle them.  The growth is rapid when you are two, and ours has been also, and we have responded to your needs in our first two years by instituting our first annual Summer Camp, developed a four level Herbal Apprenticeship program, launched a line of herbal products to support mother and baby and more importantly launched a monthly mothers circle to share encouragement and information while creating a safe space for new moms to share.  These are a few of the ways we have grown!

Toddlers are very attached to their care givers.  You may find them trying out new ideas and exploring their surroundings, but still staying close to their care givers as they need a base of support  and trust.  True again! You are our caregivers, the land is our care giver, we have chosen to stay close to you, listening to your needs and filled with gratitude to be able to respond.  We have chosen to stay connected to and in deep reverence to the plants which we use to heal, realizing that they are the connection to our divinity and the gateway to true transcendence.

Two year olds are usually interested in other children.  However, social interest and physical abilities sometimes collide.  Our social interest has been many and though our physical abilities have not kept up; we thank you for always thinking of us and introducing us to so many interesting projects.  We want to partner with you more in our third year as our legs will grow stronger and our ability will begin to grow to match our interest!  For three is the number of spontaneous creative expression, expansion,  fertility and abundance, partnership communication, originality and motivation.


Partridgeberry (Squawvine) – Nourish and tone the Uterus- Give Birth to a Dream


Partridgeberry (Squawvine) - is one of the best herbs for toning and nourishing the uterus, and as an aid in facilitating childbirth. It protects against miscarriage and is highly valued by women who have previously had difficult childbirths. It is recommended for infertility resulting from hormone imbalance. It is great for gainful, irregular menstruation. Taken over the course of months it will often correct the most persistent due menstrual problems.

Partridgeberry is also good for men. It is used in formulas for infertility to low sperm count and is an excellent tonic for the prostate gland.

It’s a tonic herb ad is nontoxic and produces no residual build up or toxicity, even when used over an extended period of time. Want to know more? Click on the link below.

Partridgeberry (Squawvine) – Nourish and tone the Uterus-

Give Birth to a Dream

Yoni Culture - Vaginal odor and discharge, bacterial vaginosis and recurring yeast infections


Yoni Culture - An all natural approach to vaginal odor and discharge, bacterial vaginosis and recurring yeast infections

Is your digestive health directly related to your vaginal health? You bet! Bacterial Vaginosis, Recurring Yeast Infections and Vaginal Odor are directly related to your digestive process. Assimilation of vitamins and minerals especially the vitamin B spectrum and vitamin C is of vital importance to the health digestive system. A healthy digestive system produces the necessary digestive enzymes to breakdown our food, and aid with absorption and elimination. These enzymes are responsible for keeping the small intestine free from parasites (including bacteria, yeast and parasitic worms.)When any of these processes are off we are plagued with toxins that create health issues such as mal-absorption, nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, chronic Candida, an overgrowth of harmful bacteria leading to bacterial and yeast infections. The second aspect to maintaining optimal vaginal health, is the health of our immune system. Once again here, vitamins under the B spectrum and vitamin C are indicated for immunity building and to helping us manage stress which wears away at the body's immune functions.

Yoni Culture is a product that is based on an highly nutritive, all natural approach, that will improve the way in which we digestive nutrients and vitamins, and benefits our elimination. We have also included herbs are supportive to the immune system and that have anti-fungal properties. Want to know more? Click the link below for more information.

Yoni Culture - An all natural approach to vaginal odor and discharge, bacterial vaginosis and recurring yeast infections

2011 and Restore, Renew and Reestablish


The coming of a new year makes me reflective and resolute. I am reflecting on 2010 with profound gratitude. I stand in grace and filled with gratitude for your support of my vision, a community apothecary where magic happens on a daily basis. Thank you! I am resolute to make 2011 a year of restoration and progress. Much of the work that needs to happen around restoration includes purification, release and refinement. Purging of sorts, a taking away; which can seem daunting. Language is so powerful to me and my outlook, that I have decided that I like to use the word Restoration for January’s theme here at Sacred. Restoration – to bring back into existence; reestablish: to restore order. Yes that sounds more like it! I will restore my body’s order and I am asking you if you would like to restore yours . If you would, I am here to show you how plants can help. I encourage you to let Sacred help you Restore, Renew and Re-establish your connection to nature and ultimately your divinity!

Come Celebrate with Sacred!

This December I will Celebrate!  December is a special month in that its easier to see joy reflected; reflected on faces that it may have been absent from all year long.  There are other expressions that this time of the year can bring, but for me I choose to focus on the joy and reflect on the blessings that this year brought.  They were challenges in 2010, but I am still the mother of three beautiful children who are healthy, my family is by my side and surrounds me.  I have a community of beautiful friends that are my closest visible confidants that I can call on in any moment and best of all they support my vision.  AND, I am still the blissful owner of Sacred Vibes Apothecary! I have just counted some of my blessings.  And you can do the same. Joy is defined as the emotion evoked by internal peace, well being, happiness, delight or pleasure.  This what I feel each day working with you! There is community of people who sees Sacred in its truest purpose and whose personal mission are a part of Sacred's, I adore you! In December I will celebrate YOU, me and all who are joyful!

Come Celebrate with us onSacred's Second Annual Holiday

Open Houseand Holiday Shopping Event

When:  Saturday, December 11th  6:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Where:  Sacred Vibes Apothecary - 376 Argyle Road Brooklyn, NY

You will receive 15% off all your nights purchases ! 

Sacred Vibes Diwali Celebration - Festival of Lights


Its November! As a child growing up in Guyana my all time favorite holiday was Diwali.  On this night the entire village would shine.   Everyone's home would transform in to a palace. It is the night to celebrate the return of Lord Rama to his kingdom after defeating the demon king Ravana;

the triumph  of good over evil

.   The evening began with ritualistic prayers to recognize the beginning of a new year, giving thanks and wishes for prosperity in the upcoming year.  Small clay oil lamps were then lit to signify the victory of the light of goodness and knowledge over the darkness of evil and ignorance.   On this night there was community, a community of individuals giving thanks for all the good things in their lives.  Sacred invites you to celebrate this years Diwali with us!  We will show case traditional Diwali fare and spices.

In honor of the celebration of Diwali

Please join us for a



Showcasing Indian Spices and Chai Tea

Sacred Vibes Apothecary

Come sample traditional Diwali recipes

and refreshments

Saturday, November 6, 2010

6pm – 8pm